Wedding time of Priyanka Roy

Priyanka Roy the sister of Bollywood star Rahul Roy has recently married Romeer Sen in a traditional Bengali wedding ceremony.

Actor, vocalist, and model Priyanka Roy shared on social media – This love is not polluted by worldly aspects and has an inherent power to retain its divinity. Somewhere it is devotion and dissolution to the highest extent, we both are the same essence in two bodies, finally, we are merging in a trance that the external eyes might not be able to see, supreme divinity. The pain and longing, pure love, twin flame love as pure reverence for our own soul. Radha and Krishna might have incarnated to help humans understand the depth of true love.  Twin Flame is in which two energies unite to gain liberation at the end of the soul life cycle. My devotion to you will always be the way it was, the way Radharani’s love never changed for her Krishna they will always be together in some form becoming formless by reuniting again 
The path of liberation 
Reuniting tomorrow by tying knot 
Bless both of us 🙏
Ram Ram
Bollywood star actor of Ashiqui fame, Rahul Roy shared the wedding photographs on social media.