A new way to lose weight

Cricketer Vipul Narigara found a new way to reduce weight and which has proven to be effective! Losing 9kg weight in just 21 days with 4-hour daily workout with additional secrets.

We have heard of weight loss journeys of low carb diet and routine exercises, but Vipul has tried something different along with these and found very challenging results.

He is very happy to share the secret of his weight loss ahead of this Janmashtami festival. Throughout the workouts, Vipul never listened to any Bollywood songs or soft music, but instead, he listened to Krishna kirtans and Srila Prabhupada songs which boosted his determination for losing weight. He believes that faith in God and Guru will make anything possible.

Valiant Cricketer Vipul Narigara shared on Instagram – When you are with #lovecricket everything is possible! Lost almost 9kg weight in 21 days with 4 hours daily workout! During the entire workout, I didn’t listen to any Bollywood songs, listened only to Srila Prabhupada & hare Krishna kirtans. 

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