Local youth surprises by bagging 5 wickets

Shivam Yadav, a teenage cricket player from the valiant club surprised the cricket community by bagging 5 wickets in a club match. This came as a surprise to most but his coach who believes he saw this happenning. He also added that Shivam has extremely good instincts when it comes to the game and is a very hardworking player. Shivam’s coach was one of his biggest supporters. He provided Shivam with cricket-kits when Shivam was not able to get one for himself. He gave a middle class teenage boy the courage to dream high.

Shivam entered the cricket world as a bastman and later developed his bowling skills as well. He gave a stunning performance in the super-six matches that were held in Malaysia last month, which gave him the spotlight as the raising star. Shivam will be setting new limits for himself this year and we could possibly see him on television someday!