Meet Bros with enjoyable tones Stir up at Dream girl

Meet Bros, Manmeet and Singh, you’ve got a lot to praise when it goes to Dream Girl’s soundtrack. This is not only their first full-length record, they have introduced three fresh singers–Altamash Faridi, who sang the punjabi ditty Ghat Ghat (the first large advertisement) with Radhe Radhe and Amit Gupta. “New voices have always been linked to us. This is our first full film album and all of us said we required to have the greatest names. However, we have always thought in new voices because new talents bring new vibes and that’s another song.

The reality that the duo initially began as non-film artists also brings a break to fresh voices. Manmeet says we’ve been here to play and entertain individuals. “But we’ve been music directors to films because we didn’t believe that could have been a career for us,” Harmeet says. “Now, the revival of the alternative music and nice ancient singles days makes them happy. “We’ve got our own music label autonomous of it. It’s our way of returning what we earn from it to the indie room. The entire concept of encouraging young people and newcomers is that we’ve grown up like that. For what we’re doing, we haven’t been taught and not trimmed. However, on the work we learnt, “he said.

Their next work includes a path in Marjaavan, a pleasure. They have other tracks, including romantic, dance tracks, for movies and their labels in the pipeline.