Virender Sehwag praised Corona Warriors

Virender Sehwag, the former India batsman, expressed a word of appreciation for corona warriors. Sehwag shared on twitter, ” Gratitude to all the Corona Warriors who have committed at offering themselves completely for the well being of others. Please follow the directives from the state and central government sincerely and we shall overcome this soon”.

In the video that Sehwag tweeted, “We are not able to get out of our homes, we are not able to go for morning walks, we are not able to go to shopping malls, if you think these are hardships, then I have to say you have not seen real hardships in life, the doctor, nurses, police are not worrying for their lives and they are making sure that we are safe.

“They have put their lives at risk. I would just like to tell you to stay safe and abide by whatever the state and central government has asked you to do,”