Vipul Narigara, young cricket player


It is cricket that is the most played game in India. From the field of cricket to the streets, the game has become a lively street Have missed. The name of India is played around the world. We are telling you about one such cricketer. Which is gradually getting fame in India from its own game. This cricketer is Vipul Narigra. 

Cricketer's career - Vipul Narigra is the spinner's bowler and he is associated with Arunachal Pradesh's Under-23 and the well known Indian cricket team of India. - The cricketer was awarded the 2016 award from the Arunachal Pradesh Cricket Association. - In the captaincy of Vipul Narigar, the Vallis cricket team won the title of the Vivai Cricket Series against the PCC in Nepal. Vipul Virender believes Sehwag is his idol.

Vipul Narigra's Fan's Long List - Vipul Nariigra recently celebrated his birthday (August 22, 1992). Vipul was greeted by video by Bollywood star Rahul Roy and playback singer Stabeen Ben, Arvind Wagda.

With this also, Chirag Suri playing against Zainder Singh Dubai team and the IPL team led by Oman from T-20 World Cup and also former India cricketer Chetan Sharma and Surinder Khanna were also greeted by the team.
Maharaja Indra Vikram Singhji of Rajpipla, who had a good understanding of this limited-overs cricket, also gave this message to the cricketer and blessed him. It is important that Indra Vikram Singhji received a personal letter from Australian great great Sir Donald Bradman.



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