Vijay rides a bicycle to his voting booth for Tamil Nadu elections; gets mobbed!

The 2021 Tamil Nadu elections are underway and today the voting booths were opened for everyone. Several celebrities made their way to vote for the elections and were being responsible citizens as they made sure to cast a vote even amidst the pandemic.

Vijay Vijay Vijay

Thalapathy Vijay also made sure to cast his vote for the elections but the actor had a quirky way to reach the voting booth. The superstar took a bicycle to reach his destination and that drove the media and his fans crazy. The actor in a simple casual avatar, was seen riding the bicycle on the streets with his mask on. His security was also on bicycles and bikes surrounding to make sure that the crowd didn’t get to him. Paparazzi soon got to know about his move and started following him and had a field day clicking his pictures riding a cycle. The internet is flooded with these clicks and videos and Vijay surely created an uproar for his fandom.

Vijay Vijay Vijay

However, a video later posted on the internet shows that once the actor reached the polling booth, he was severely mobbed. Hundreds of people who were gathered out there to catch a glimpse of him mobbed the actor which made it difficult for him to make his way through them. Well, actors and their popularity surely has the slip side to it. 


Thalapathy Vijay was last seen in Master alongside Vijay Sethupathi. The actor’s film was a huge hit at the box-office despite its release amidst the pandemic in January.

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