Valiant cricketer Vipul Narigara pledged to provide ration to 2000 families

Corona pandemic is going on in the whole country, due to which many people are facing problems, people who fill their wages by daily wages are facing more problems because partial demonetization is going on in Gujarat. The work of everyone has just started, the cyclone of Taute has destroyed the houses and farming of the people of Rajula including Amreli. Due to the cyclone effect people have become homeless. There is problem for eating for which Vipul Narigra, the well-known cricketer from Dungar village in Amreli district of Gujarat has come forward for help.

But regardless of the damage done to his house, Vipul has determined that he will provide ration for 2000 families. In this work, the entire family of Vipul has gathered, especially his grandfather, who is 82 years old. They are providing people who are having problems with food are given packed lentils, rice, gram and flour.

Vipul Narigra does a lot of such things by posting on the verified account of social media so that many more people can come forward to help and they will be encouraged by these activities and Bollywood Celebrities and many cricketers also can join hands in good works.