Test cricket loosing its touch to the world of fast cricket

This has been a topic for discussion from a very long time and valiant brand ambassador for France Reeshant Singh Narwat also feels the same way that test cricket is loosing its touch and fears extinction because of T20 cricket.
We rarely see test matches resulting into a draw unless there is a weather or technical problem and matches are getting over in 3-4 days which is very sad says Reeshant.

Reeshant also said that because of the habit of playing on the rise shots and slowly fading the ability to leave the ball puts the future of test cricket in the crises and too much t20 cricket is the reason for that.

Not only the batsman but even the bowlers are getting into the feel of it. In t20 matches they just have to bowl only 4 overs and save their skin but test cricket demands long sessions of bowling and batsman generally don’t throw their wicket like in limited overs cricket and this makes the difference.

The most important thing aspect is the fans and the viewers who are also loosing interest in watching test cricket because of its long duration.

But with the new rules and the test championship it seems that ICC is also worried about the future of test cricket and doing enough to revive the future of the longer format of the game and it would be interesting to see how it shapes up for arguably the best format of the game said the Brand ambassador Reeshant.