Sonu Sood says cremation of those dying due to COVID-19 should be free of cost

Sonu Sood has been at the forefront since the pandemic hit the country. What started as helping out migrant workers to reach back home safely during the lockdown last year, has increased manifold this year to help more and more people. Sonu has been doing it all to save as many people as he can, he has his own foundation which has been working throughout the pandemic to reach people in remote areas of India too. Today, the actor took to Instagram with a plea to the government. 

Sonu Sood

He started off by narrating an incident that took place with him recently, where he stated that he was helping someone and from the search of oxygen cylinders to hospital beds to cremation grounds was a big struggle. He urged the government to come up with laws that make sure that the people who are dying due to COVID-19 should be cremated for free. He also requested the government to step in and make sure that the necessary resources needed for cremation like wood, are provided to the crematoriums free of cost. 

Sonu Sood

Watch the video below…

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