Sonu Sood proved to be a real-life Hero

We have seen Sonu Sood in negative roles in most of the movies. But in real life, he is proved himself a hero by helping migrant workers, jobless and now a farmer.

Bollywood actor Sonu Sood has given a tractor to a farmer from Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh following a video on the social media of farmers’ young girls plowing the fields. Sonu Sood, who helped a huge number of workers trapped due to coronavirus lockdown in the cities to return to their homes, came to the assistance of seeing the difficulty they had.

The farmer Nageswara Rao called Sonu Sood a “real-life hero,” claiming that directly after he saw the video, the actor supported his poor family.

“Maybe he’s playing a villain in movies, but in the real-life, he’s a hero. We figured when we saw the news of him supporting thousands of refugee workers return to their natives, he’s a true hero.

The video involves a yoke tilling to the ground by the daughters of the family, Vennela and Chandana. The family did not employ a tractor or an ox to plow the land while they were fighting against poverty.