Sonu Sood appeals for free education for children who lost their families due to COVID-19

Right from the first month that the pandemic hit the country, one actor who has worked actively to help the common man has been Sonu Sood. Last year, he arranged for travel for daily wagers and contributed to the daily functioning of frontline workers. This year, he’s managed to arrange for resources for people hit by the second deadly wave of the virus. 

Sonu Sood

Apart from this active support, Sonu has also appealed to the government to help children, as young as 8 to 12 years of age who have lost one or both their parents during COVID-19. He posted a video requesting the government to give these children free education, all the way from school till college in whichever field they wish to pursue. 

Sonu Sood

He requested that these young mind be given a fair chance to make a life and not face financial obstacles because of the loss their faced at the hands of a pandemic. Watch the video below. 

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