Raj Kundra’s vegan meme

Instagram was introduced by a new show named # RajFuntra the Raj Kundra, who never hesitate to express his love for Shilpa Shetty in the social media, as part of which he posts many memoirs starring himself and his wife Shilpa (all in good humor, of course). Recently, Raj Kundra added an additional meme with a helluva title to his Instagram profile. The meme consists of a Shilpa throwback with a license and a video of a silly image of Raj Kundra.

Additionally in the recent post, Raj Kundra is asking what to order other than egg, meat, fish, dairy or gluten and wife Shilpa is telling to call a taxi!

Whilst it’s not easy being a #Vegan it isn’t all that bad either 🌱🤗😇🙏🧿 #health #mindset#rajfuntra @theshilpashetty