Rahul Roy shares memory with Karishma Kapoor

Bollywood veteran, Ashiqui superhero Rahul Roy shared a throwback picture with Karishma Kapoor. Both of them have worked together in movies like Sapne Sajan Ke and Megha.

Sapne Sajan Ke was a collaboration of director Lawrence D’Souza and producer Sudhakar Bokade after their blockbuster movie Saajan.

Recently Rahul Roy shared about the making of his upcoming movie Night and Fog, he wrote –

I am going through so much pain and suffering to which only Allah is my witness..I do not know if I’ll ever overcome this feeling. I am an artist and people must experience what I went through so that one does not hate another MONSTER.
There are many that we worship in reality but are monsters in reality ..hiding in disguise having the best of homes, cars, fame, power enjoying everything in life.
Behind success, I have only seen lies, deception, tyranny, exploitation, and persecution of the innocent 
A time will come when this will reverse for sure
Let it begin with Night and fog (a film within a film) Dir Tanvir Ahmad A man loved and followed by millions ..alas how wretched he is in real life…film to be released in Hindi, English, and French.