Niharika Agarwal’s new music video released


Star Boy LOC feat has created the latest urban Punjabi-Hindi-track, ‘Breakup Tour’ with actress Niharika Agarwal. Star Boy LOC has sung and wrote the song, while G Skillz played the guitar. The music of the core is an ode for those who love intensely but are forced to lose their souls. The label Weez Muzic releases the album. In the middle of a coronavirus pandemic, the artist is trying all his utmost to inspire everyone; the famous singer/rapper Star Boy LOC has launched the latest album ‘Breakup Trip.’ He knows that music will relax people and give them a bit of joy.

The song’s video features flashes of the real story that was filmed in Dubai by Niharika Agarwal, also the leading female actress. Vineet Kumar has made this album. BreakUp Trip was released on 18 April 2020.

Actress, influencer Niharika Agarwal is famous for her previous albums like Wicked eyeliner, Kandeya, Ishq farzi, Bacardi hua sale, and Salina. Niharika Agarwal was also involved in the Cricket team – Surat warriors at VPL season 4.

Niharika Agarwal shared the following on Instagram about the release of the upcoming album.

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