Last message of Rishi Kapoor to all Indians

Bollywood lovers were just recovering the sudden demise of Irrfan Khan another bad news came together with the great loss of 70s chocolate hero Rish Kapoor.

On April 30th, veteran actor Rishi Kapoor has breathed his last. The actor was admitted to Mumbai’s HN Reliance Hospital on Wednesday morning. Rishi Kapoor

has been battling cancer since 2018 and has been in the US for a year. The actor’s uncle, Randhir Kapoor, told the media last Wednesday night that he had been admitted to the hospital due to his poor health. 

The tweet by Amitabh Bacchan, “He’s GONE ..! Rishi Kapoor .. gone .. just passed away .. I am destroyed !”

This was Rishi Kapoor’s last message for Indians on Twitter