Kiran More on how Sachin praised Sushanth Singh Rajput

Former Indian Cricketer Kiran More shared on Aaj Tak – In 2016, I trained Sushant Singh for the entire 9 months for “MS Dhoni – The Un Told Story.” Our first meeting was in Mumbai. I found him very excited at the first meeting. He was highly disciplined. I gave him training in cricket and wicket keeping. He was ready to learn everything with great interest.

Once I was getting Sushant Singh to practice on the grounds of Mumbai Cricket Academy. Then Sachin Tendulkar was present there along with his son Arjun. When he saw the betting of Sushant, he started saying who is this? Betting so vigorously. In any team, he will get selected. The God of Cricket Sachin Tendulkar himself praised Sushanth’s batting performance.

Former cricketer Kiran More said that Sachin Tendulkar himself had praised Sushant’s way of playing cricket.