In Europe, football is a religion but with many gods- Reeshant

Few weeks ago, the valiant brand ambassador for France and cricketer Reeshant Singh Narwat visited stade de France, the national stadium of France for football and rugby. The visit was organised by Jonas djian who was formerly working for stade de France and also the marketing manager of the women’s FIFA World Cup

When asked about the visit, Reeshant was very exhilarated and why wouldn’t he be, stade de France has its own history with Zidane to Ronaldo to mbappe.

The feeling was definitely amazing, to be on the pitch where Zidane helped France won the football World Cup in 1998 and where the legend Cristiano Ronaldo held the euros cup in 2016, said Reeshant.

Reeshant is the valiant brand ambassador of France and being a cricket player, he is very eager to uplift the level of cricket in France right up to football. In Europe, football is like a religion with many gods such as Ronaldo and Messi and I would be very satisfied if I can put cricket somewhere bit near football, added Reeshant.

When the cricketer was asked about his dream, which seems a bit far fetched, he responded that if you aren’t dreaming big, you are not supposed to be dreaming about something.

Currently, Reeshant is planning some strategies for the sports brand valiant and also for the future of cricket in Europe and he was not shy to reveal that his mentor and friend Jonas Djian is giving him all the advices about the sports culture in France.