Do you know Akshay Kumar’s new diet plan?

Akshay Kumar is without a doubt one of Bollywood’s most popular stars. He’s extensively trained in martial arts, prefers to do his own stunts, and is the overall genius in the gym (yes, this is a subtle clue to the bottle cap challenge that Bollywood stars were inspired to take part in last year). And, of course, we’ve all heard that the urban legend of Kumar was an early riser— waking up at 4 a.m. and hustling in the gym as we snooze button over and over.

Part of this urban legend also dictates that he is a health nut and eats only healthy, home-cooked meals throughout the day and often packs extra home-cooked food for his co-stars.

Akshay Kumar has recently turned Vegan and Mumbai-based Pod Supply has designed the Vegan Diet Program for him. This vegan diet schedule provides a range of choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner, which tend to differ according to Kumar’s everyday routine and dietary requirements.