Disha Patani and Chandrayan-2 viral tweet

When Vikram Lander failed to land on the lunar surface, famous actress Disha Patani tweeted a helpful tweet for Indian Space Research Organization ISRO about Chandrayaan-2. “Proud of all those engaged in the task #Chandrayaan2. Thank you @isro, with your praiseworthy attempts you inspired many of you! In her tweet, Jai Hind, “she wrote. The tweet went viral quickly and Twitterati couldn’t stop laughing about it.

One user wrote: “Bahute krantikari.” “It took me a warm minute to get that samjh, aaya par acha laga,” said another. “When I was doing it, I laughed bravo,” one remarked.
On 9th Sep ISRO found the spacecraft which tried to land on the moon, but couldn’t communicate with it. Saturday, the lander landed near the South Pole of the Moon when in the final phase of its descent, it lost touch with the ground control.