Dadubhai Gadhavi

Dadubhai Gadhavi shared reminiscences with Kirtidan Ghadvi and Vipul Narigara

Recently Dadubhai Gadhavi shared post on Instagram with Gujarati Famous Folk Singer Kirtidan Gadhavi and Valiant Cricketer Vipul Narigara on social media which photos goes viral in Gujarat.

Dadubhai Gadhvi is very dear to the people, he is respected by the people very much. Because along with being the gaadipati of Sonal Dham Madhda, but he himself is from the family of mother Sonal.

Sonal Dham Madhda is one of the most popular religious shrines and has many devotees queuing up to visit and worship “Mother Sonal” and Dadubhai Gadhavi is the gadipati of Temple also he is very active on social media many times he posted videos and photos on social media.