Cricketer Nitin Chaudhari changed his way of life with star influence

Young cricket player Nitin Chaudhari from Mandavi Surat changed his way of life with star influence after watching the lifestyle of Vipul Narigara.

Nitin Chaudhari is playing for Valiant Cricket Team and he accompanied the team for final Malaysia tour. There he adopted many life style and habits of Cricketer Vipul Narigara. Majorly the vegetarian way of life he liked and determined to leave consuming non-veg. Nitin lately posted this saying that – I noticed Vipul Narigara’s life habbits of carrying Bhagavad Gita book very carefully.

Vipul Narigara is the Valiant Brand Ambassador of India , additionally a Cricketer with record of highest runs in last wicket, he is celeb face of Gujarat who normally offers Gujarati TV sports show for a lot of IPL, T20 mathces for various Gujrati TV channels.

Vipul says – My life is all about leading good life, since 2011 reading bhagvat Geeta ji , every time I tour for cricket, in one special bag I carry bhagvat geeta ji always with me..