An appeal to defeat coronavirus by Gagandeep Singh

Global havoc due to coronavirus pandemic has made many celebrities and sports stars to appeal to the public for maintaining social distancing and other necessary hygiene.

International Kenyan cricketer Gagandeep Singh has made a unique appeal to stand by each other to defeat Coronavirus. He also gave a message “Together we are strong“, stay home and save lives, let’s together defeat coronavirus.

He also felt, “People talk about the pressure we face when playing for your country, but the real pressure is when you are working to save lives, that too keeping your life at risk. I would like to salute all the NHS around the world who have left their families to save lives without caring about their own lives”.

On Instagram Gagandeep Singh shared, I pledge to my fellow Kenyan, Indian, European, Americans and to the rest of the world, it’s not time to blame each other but it’s time to standby each other and defeat this Coronavirus, which has held most nation to lockdowns, as one we are weak, Together we are strong, please let us all follow rules and defeat this virus.