Aaron William Benjamin, UAE’s Zaheer Khan

Aaron William Benjamin looks to fill that void that is currently there in both the Sri Lankan and UAE setups, which is a shortage of left-arm fast bowlers. Emulating Chaminda Vaas and Trent Boult he has been able to wreak havoc in the UAE’s U19 age group cricket league holding the record for the most number of wickets taken by a fast bowler (48) over the course of 3 seasons.

Having great success in the local youth circuit, Aaron William Benjamin is eagerly awaiting his opportunity at international success yet again. Having represented Botswana Under 15 team and most recently the UAE Under 19 team. Being mentored by one of Sri Lanka’s greats Chaminda Vaas he hopes seems to be on the right track to breaking into the scene yet again.

Aaron William Benjamin is hoping either to represent the UAE or even Sri Lanka if the opportunity is given.

Zaheer Khan is a fast bowler from India who could bowl really well, change back the old ball, and break off scorching yorkers which are an unheard-of combination, and when Zaheer Khan glimpsed the potential of his own, has an innate sense where to go to attack, and Zaheer ruthlessly catches upon him when his batsman shows him a small sign of weakness.

Aaron William Benjamin is following the same tactics and bowling styles as that of Zaheer Khan and aspiring to become a prominent bowler of International Cricket.

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