5 Hat Trends to take a cue From Bollywood Heroes


You will be surprised to know how trendy an accessory like a hat can make you look. It is a must-have in any man’s wardrobe that is often spruced with the latest fashion elements. Our Bollywood heroes have sported a variety of hats time and again and have carried it off stylishly. It adds a whole different vibe to the look and is a bit understated. On that note, here is a list of 5 actors who did a fabulous job as they donned stylish hats as an accessory to go with their outfits.

Shah Rukh Khan

The Panama hat fits in with King Khan’s cool demeanor perfectly. The star is often spotted wearing this Panama hat as he goes on the field to cheer for his IPL team – the Kolkata knight riders. It is a perfect accessory for the casual outfits he sports during these matches. He was seen wearing this Panama hat even for one scene in Jab Tak Hai Jaan. He is a fan of the accessory and style.

5 Hat Trends to take a cue From Bollywood Heroes

Ranveer Singh

When it comes to unconventional and unbelievable style statements, there’s hardly an A-lister actor like Ranveer Kapoor who can pull it off with such finesse. Bucket hats are a favourite of this superstar. It has a very street-style vibe to it and Ranveer has been seen wearing it numerous times be it for shoots or casual outings. For all those extroverts out there, this is quite a stylish accessory to add a little twist to your party look.

5 Hat Trends to take a cue From Bollywood Heroes

Hrithik Roshan

This Greek god is a fan of the fedora-style hats. He has been spotted wearing it for a lot of promotional events as well. This hat is perfect for all the dancers out there and it comes as no surprise as to why Hritikh is seen donning the Fedora-styled heart whenever appropriate. He usually pairs it up with casuals as he is seen visiting parties or making an entry to the airport. This hat goes well with the casual vibe that he carries off-screen. He even wore it for a dance number called Fire from his movie Kites.

5 Hat Trends to take a cue From Bollywood Heroes

Aamir Khan

Mr. Perfectionist has also been given the hat accessory to amplify his look. In Dhoom 3, he wore a derby hat that elevated his formal lookup by a few notches. He looked dashing as he played his character to perfection, dressed impeccably at the same time. It is a perfect way of adding a fun touch to a monotonous formal look. Here’s a cue from Aamir Khan from one of his films on how to style it with your formal ensembles.

5 Hat Trends to take a cue From Bollywood Heroes

Ranbir Kapoor

Another hat that can revolutionize a rather formal look is an Ivy Cap. Here is an inspiration from Ranbir Kapoor who wore this flattened hat in his film Barfi. It has a very old-school charm about it and looks quite stylish when paired with formal attires. This flat cap trend has been perpetual for a long time in Bollywood now, and with Ranbir Kapoor setting examples through his films, you can sure experiment with it as you take a cue from him.

5 Hat Trends to take a cue From Bollywood Heroes


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